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Up-Coming Programs & Field Trips


"The West Texas Birding Experience "
 Mike Champagne
Monday, Feb 6th at 6:45 pm
Blue Water FM Church
Field Trip

Harsen's Island Trip
Saturday March 31 at 8:15am
Leader Jack Sanders


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Gardening For Wildlife (link)
National Wildlife Federation

Join the thousands of wildlife enthusiasts across the country who have been recognized for creating havens for neighborhood wildlife in their very own yards. These individuals have provided the essential elements for healthy and sustainable wildlife habitats and have earned the distinction of being part of National Wildlife Federation's Certified Wildlife Habitat (link)™ program.

Stream Monitoring Program
The date for training is April 21, 2010, 6:00 pm, at the
Port Huron Township Offices, 3600 Lapeer Rd., Port Huron Township.
The date set for the spring monitoring is May 1st
Information link is

The Blue Water Audubon Society was founded in 1955 as a non-profit organization
for outdoor experiences, promoting nature education and protection and conserving
wildlife and the environment.  Meetings with programs are held at the Blue Water Free Methodist Church, 1963 Allen Rd., Kimball Twp. (the building was formerly the Sparlingville Elementary School), at 6:45 PM on the first Monday of every month, October through May. The Club also sponsors field trips, including birdwatching, wildflower walks and the Annual Christmas Bird Count.


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