Come Back Soon For More 2011-12
Program Information

Date TimePrograms  20011-20012Guest
 Meeting Place
 Mon. 10/36:45 pmChasing Penguins DVD Harriett Davidson  BWFM Church Hall
 Mon. 11/7 6:45 pmThe Big Change in Great Lakes Birds Pete Butchko  BWFM Church Hall
 Mon. 12/5 6:45 pm

Kenya Endangered & Other Wildlife

Ruth Ann Prey BWFM Church Hall
 Mon 1/9  6:45 pmPhoto Show & TellMembersBWFM Church Hall
 Mon. 2/6 6:45 pmThe West Texas Birding ExperienceMike Champagne BWFM Church Hall
 Mon. 3/5  6:45 pm Cerulean Warbler Survey ResultsMike MonfilsBWFM Church Hall
 Mon. 4/2 6:45 pmTo be announced?BWFM Church
 Mon. 5/7 6:45 pm

 Birds of the Caribbean

John Zmeijko BWFM Church
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